Isn’t it ironic…

We had an extremely busy year – working mostly 7 days per week and crazy hours – in the end, however, it didn’t save our little venture and Indulge Bakery has had to close it’s doors. Thanks so much to everyone who have been SO supportive over this past couple of years – to our customers and our regulars and above all: to our family and friends who put up with us during this time.
We’re so sorry to have to close our doors, but it’s necessary.

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Wow…Wedding season!

We’ve been incredibly busy this wedding season – this week in particular promises to be crazy – I have this sneaking suspicion that just about everyone I know is getting married this coming Saturday! We’ll be trying to get some pictures posted soon – there are a couple coming up I’m particularly proud of, and I want to try to get some posted as an example of the cakes we’ve done this season.
Stay cool!

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Upcoming anniversary and other tidbits

Hello! First of all, apologies for not posting any pictures lately of the cakes we’ve done – we’ve been fantastically busy and to be honest, once I’m at home, I’m spending quality time with the kids then of course it’s straight to bed…BUT I will try to get at least a couple of pictures in soon – I’ve also been horrible about updates, so apologies there, too. We’ll be trying to get better 🙂
On a happy note, we’re about to celebrate our first anniversary! What an incredible first year, truly! I’m not 100% sure what we’ll be doing to celebrate but will post when I do know – in the meantime, please do drop in for another event happening now:
Cupcakes for Charity! Come in for a red velvet cupcake and as you enjoy it, know that a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit a local charity…this month’s charity: Flagship Foundation. This group helps kids after school (especially) and during the summer – and if you think of the trouble kids COULD get into if they’re bored in those after school hours, you’ll know this is a phenomenal program!
Alright, time to run as I’m sure there’s a cake somewhere in here that needs to be decorated!
Be well, eat your cupcakes!

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You know…

One of these days I’ll remember to take my camera to market! We’ve had a fantastic time working both the Clark Fork River Market and the Sunday afternoon Carousel market – we hope to expand our menu even more through the summer, so keep visiting us, you’ll have lots of new treats to explore!
In other news, the U of MT graduates enjoyed their first ever outdoor commencement ceremony – from all of us at Indulge to the graduates: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now…on to working on a few more things and getting outside to enjoy a Montana springtime sun…..

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We had a great first weekend with both of the farmer’s markets in full swing – it was the very first of the Carousel markets on Sunday afternoon and it was great fun (apart from that windstorm that knocked our neighbor’s display into our cupcakes! Act of nature…not fun for the poor defenseless cupcakes…) and getting to see so many new people was the real treat. Organic Sprouts is back along with the Yum Rising ladies next to us at our Clark Fork River Market booth and they’re as brilliant as ever….and happily, when market gets cold, they have a grill to stand by! Bonus!
In other news, we have a couple of other places you can find our goodies here in town…at present you can find us at Butterfly Herbs, Trout River coffee shop next to Grizzly Hackle on Front St. and Noon’s on Russell & 39th/SW Higgins – a little comment on this most rare convenience store: It’s hard to find a place that focuses as much as these folks do on local fare, but Noon’s walks their talk. In this particular little store you’ll find Bernice’s, Bagel’s on Broadway, Big Dipper ice cream and us – there’s more I’m sure, but the more local folks Noon’s supports in this way, the more respect I have for them. What a fantastic company!
Sadly, the breakfast pastries won’t make themselves…I’d best get to it. Have a wonderful dau!

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Entering cake season…

It appears cake season has begun! Sadly I didn’t get pictures today but will try to get better at it. The birthday girl today is in love with the site anthropologie and I tried to design a cake for her based on some things I’d seen on that site – which has as a result made me fall madly in love with the site itself! SO to the birthday girl, THANK YOU for the inspiration! Looking forward to all of the cakes we’re doing this season – we’re getting booked up awfully fast, so please do get in touch asap to reserve the date if you would like a cake done between now and the end of August!
Thank you!

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Thanks Clark Fork River Market!

What a fantastic day! The rain didn’t put a damper on the day at all and we even had a moment or two of sun! Thanks so much to everyone who braved the weather to come see market season off to a brillaint start…see you next week!

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Clark Fork River Market & Carousel Market

We’re all very excited because Market season is now upon us! We’ll have another year at the Clark Fork River Market under the Higgins Avenue bridge – look for us along the grass. Starting next weekend we’ll also be at the brand new Carousel Market on Sunday afternoon from 1-5pm! This is in the lot by the Carousel for Missoula in Caras Park. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone out and about & plan to have some treats that truly are the definition of decadent!

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Happy birthday, Elen!

Today was our daughter’s 10th birthday! We celebrated with what else? A cake designed by our girl…
Elen's 10th birthday cake
Happy birthday, baby girl….

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Facebook special

Check our Facebook page (links are here on our blog home page) for a special deal through May regarding cupcakes!

Also, now that it’s divine weather as only Missoula can have, we’ve been able at long last to put our tables & chairs! Come sit in the peace & quiet near the duck pond and see what there is to see with a pastry and a coffee or juice!

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