A lot going on!

I’ve just been sorting out our sign issues, we’ll need to get them approved by the city then can have them put up.  I’m excited about that prospect, and about seeing our ads in the Independent and Missoulian – we’ll have an ad in the Independent’s wedding guide coming out next month. Very exciting!  I’ll post links if I’m able once it’s in.

I’ve also been talking to the folks at Big Dipper Ice Cream about providing our ice cream when we’re ready for that – it’s truly something to look forward to!  Their creativity with flavors will only enhance what we have to offer – I’m thrilled.  

In other news, I’ve poked my head in the door of our space and the concrete is cut out here and there, pipes are laid in and it looks as if they’re moving forward, if not as quickly as my impatient little self would like.  I just want to get baking!  

If there are ever items people would like to see in our bakery, please feel free to post suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Norfolk Angel Cake.

    • I can’t find a recipe for that, Sylvie – is that like traditional Angel Cake, or is there something that makes a Norfolk Angel Cake especially different?
      Can’t wait to try it!

  2. OOH! Sounds lovely –

  3. Would carrot cake cupcakes ship well via FedEx?

    • I wish! They would have to ship VERY carefully, though, and I’ve yet to find a way to ship cupcakes so they remain frosted as I’d frosted them, etc. when I find the solution, you’ll be the first to know!

  4. *grin* Did you look for Norfolk Angel Cake? I should feel guilty. Yes it is most especially different. You’ll find it in a very ancient and treasured English cook book along with Faerie Fudgie Fingers, Witch’s Wicked Walnut Whips, Venus Love Buns and Monster Goddess Tart au Citron… 😉

    Sorry – can’t think why I wrote about the angel cake. Maybe if you invent the recipe every slice sold will spread a little angelic joy – gentle Norfolk style. 🙂 *kiss*

  5. I did! Couldn’t find it – though did find a lot of other variety of Angel Cake LOL I’d love to know if there’s a difference! The rest looks delightful LOL
    I’m all for angel cake! You’re the best 😀

  6. Pignolis!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ooh, nice one!

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