Walls and electricity and signs, oh my!

I’ve been checking on the status of the bakery’s build-in almost daily.  I know, I know, ‘the watched pot…” and all; still, it has to be done!  At long last the concrete floors have been re-poured and the walls have been framed for the office, storage, janitor closet, bathroom and wash-room.  I stopped in today to see what was going on and the electricians were there doing their thing.  Happily, I’ll be able to communicate with them directly now should they have questions and hopefully that will help smooth things a bit.  

 I had no idea how tricky starting a new business in Missoula could be.  We’ve been incredibly lucky in that we’ve had a lot of help along the way and some very understanding people with the City who have been willing to work with us and help expedite things.  I suspect they want the pastries; but you know, I’m really alright with that!  The health department approval happened much faster than I’d expected and I admit, there was a happy dance involved when I checked the mail and found that letter.  I was also told that the sign approval could take up to 90 days…incredibly it took a weekend!   I’ve just picked up our paperwork for that and have passed it along to our sign folks and if all goes well, our signs will be up as soon as they’re made!  Photos will be posted and if I can figure out how this technology thing works….maybe even a video of the above happy-dance.  

I’ve been running around a lot and taking care of business…have joined the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network and am SO proud to be part of that amazing organization!  The women there are incredibly supportive of each other’s businesses and are filled with great advice to help get started here.  I’ve attended two luncheons now and thus far have been welcomed with open arms and all sorts of excitement for Indulge to open and for our endeavor to succeed.  Although Indulge is one of many bakeries in Missoula, we will be the only bakery located in the neighborhood we’re in that is not located directly inside of a grocery store.  I will have complete freedom to bake whatever I like whenever I like and can get as creative as I like however inspiration takes me.  It is a beautiful thing.  There aren’t words to describe how excited we are to get started; get open.  Hopefully we can inspire Missoulians to Indulge on a daily basis!  Decadence IS allowed!

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