Getting closer – and cupcakes!

Just got back from the bakery site.  The electricians are hard at work and said that the guys should be by sometime today to cut the windows in (!!!).  Though I know the neighbor won’t be thrilled by the noise, it’s a very necessary thing for us.  They’ve got a LOT of insulation now pretty much throughout – hopefully we’ll also be seeing some sheet-rock soon and get this ROLLING!  


As promised, I thought I’d give a little hint as to some of the things we’ll be serving.  I’ve spoken a bit about our tiramisu cupcakes, but here’s a little teaser:  The cupcake itself is ladyfinger and light and almost air-filled with a delightful crumb on it’s own.  Drizzled over the top is our own espresso syrup, teasing you here and there with that intense coffee flavor, sweetened by the cupcake itself.  Crowning this is our marscapone marsala frost – this is what makes the cupcake sing!  A hint of unsweetened cocoa and bittersweet and dark chocolate shavings lightly decorate each cupcake bringing something just a little more special to the mix.  They are out of this world delicious and yes, they do contain alcohol in the frost.  That said, they are bliss!


Batch of tiramisu cupcakes

Batch of tiramisu cupcakes

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  1. PLEASE tell me that you will find a way to ship those babies!!!

  2. I’ll certainly do my best, though I’m not so sure these will ship well, they’re MUCH better fresh!

  3. they look – and sound – gorgeous! One more reason I will have to save my pennies and come visit!

    • Thanks so much, Kaj! I’d LOVE to have you come visit 🙂

  4. mmmmmm. I can smell them! xxx

    • Ha! Breathe deep! I’ve found some other great recipes, too – can’t wait to get baking!

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