Photos: the bakery thus far

I went in this morning with the kids after I’d spent Friday cleaning and sweeping the place out.  Just ask those who saw me, I was a dust beast after!   Still, it was worth it.  At least now the construction crew doesn’t have to come in and can focus on finishing their job rather than on cleaning up the mess left – cardboard wrapping and plastic strapping of ceiling tiles everywhere – but I got it done while the floor was being put in and gained a new respect for what it takes to put that stuff in!  It looks fabulous!  Thanks to the Big Sky Restaurant guys we have a few pieces in now as well.  I thought I’d share the pics…if you go back to our first pics on this blog, you’ll see just how far we’ve come already – it’s quite something!  We’re still not completely done but we’re almost there…

And so, here is Indulge as it looked this morning:


Indulge Today

Indulge Today

So you can see the new floor, the ceilings NEARLY done, one of our stoves and the snow gently falling out the windows…ah, Missoula in the spring!


More Indulge

More Indulge

There are our sinks in the crate and a table in the box at the far wall…

The new floor

The new floor

There…the floor is IN!  Yay!  

More thanks ahead to the amazing Big Sky Restaurant guys…they’ll be helping me get the rest of our stuff in asap!  I can’t actually thank them enough, everything they’re doing is already too big for a simple “thank you”.

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