The bakery pics

proofer fridge and freezer
Here you can see a LOT of Stephane’s hard work…he and the guy from Hobart put the Proofer together – it works! YAY! The fridge and freezer are also in good shape thanks to Randy at Randy’s Repairs.
Introducing Ralph! Yes, we’ve had pictures posted already, but this is a far cleaner/shinier version. Stephane and the guy from Hobart did a LOT of work on this! Beautiful job, isn’t it?
prep station
Here we have the prep station. Lots of sheet pans and other goodies down under, my kitchenaid HD Pro mixer waiting to get to work and to the left you can see the janitor’s closet (Stephane’s office) and my office…
Decorating/plating station
Jerry at Big Sky Restaurant brought in our decorating table the other day – isn’t it something? I can’t wait to put a light under the shelf just over the table itself…it’s going to be great!
display 1
This is part one of the display cabinet – there is glass on the top and the shelves are glass as well – I absolutely LOVE it.
display 2
This is the other part of the display cabinet. You can also see the side of the oven that Stephane re-covered. Looks SO much better now!
There we have it…a grand tour of Indulge Bakery. Next time we have pictures to post, it’ll be of the bakery as we’re opening!

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