May 30 Clark Fork River Market

What a gorgeous day today turned out to be! We started off with threats of isolated thunderstorms and heavy cloud-cover but by 10am or so, everything cleared and it was gorgeous out. I thought I’d post a photo of some of the lilacs which have just last week begun to bloom and fill Missoula with their signature scent. This is one of my all-time favorite blossoms, so of course, I must share:

Little beauties...

Little beauties...

Now for a shot of today’s booth at the Market:
May 30 booth
A little close-up on some of our goodies:
goodies part 1
and the rest of our goodies:
goodies part deux
I felt pretty good having gluten-free fare there and am VERY proud of that kamut banana bread! I had to taste-test it last night and it has to be said, it was delicious…I’ll be making French toast with it tomorrow morning, I’m sure! The seed bread loaflets sold out as well, might I suggest using them to make mini pressed paninis? If you brush them with a blend of olive oil and grind in some “Italian grinder herbs” (let the herbs infuse the oil a bit first) then fill your sandwich with the meats and cheeses of your choice (prosciutto and swiss is a good choice!) then either use a panini press or a Foreman Grill and you will have a delectable treat on your hands. My kids always ask for seconds when I make that.
Enjoy, and we hope to see you next weekend!

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