Clark Fork River Market 5 June

The Market was windy and cold and more lovely than I’d expected it to be! We learned that we truly DO need one of those silly EZ-UP canopies and that the wind in Montana likes to blow the rain horizontal which doesn’t bode well for chalkboard cloth table coverings and yet the day was lovely. It was cold but a wonderful connection made through MBN brought some hand-warmers so I was one very happy camper with those. Shared one with Kristen at Edible Missoula Magazine (go, give it a read, it’s brilliant!) and together we, shivering, enjoyed being next to the Organic Sprouts guys and their music and their AMAZING breakfast sandwiches. Truly a work of art, these will warm you from the inside out and, simple as they are, they fill you up, too! They use birdman bread, local cheese and eggs and their own chicken sausage made fresh. Oh it’s bliss! I am trying to talk them into marketing their delicious sausage just as it is. It’s one of my favorite parts of working next to them…the other favorite part would be Ethan’s now famous “barking” of “Breakfast SammwichES! Cheesecake Lollipops!” silly but very funny. We did better than I’d expected on a rainy Saturday and I’m hoping against hope that next weekend we’ll have decent weather. What’s amazing is that last weekend we worked in 80 degree temps only to have 50 and rain yesterday. Only in Montana can it change so drastically! The good bit was that the ice under my cheesecake lollipops hardly melted at all! No wonder they stayed surprisingly fresh in the rain!
Must remember to get batteries for the camera so I can post pictures…I did want to say one thing, though, before we drag the kids kicking and screaming to the movie theatre (kidding, they love it…there’s popcorn involved). We have, for some time, been asked to provide gluten-free or gluten-friendly fare. People often forget that this is easier said than done! A woman asked once what we could do, I started to suggest “flourless chocolate cake” only to be told by her that she could do that herself…ok, fair enough, most could, I agree. If you feel you can do gluten-free better than the local folks baking in town, by all means, go forth and bake! Get a booth at your local farmer’s market and sell gluten-free only fare! I am more than sure that most of us would welcome you with relieved and more than open arms! I feel fairly confident as well that those who are celiac would love having you out there baking away. So, if this is truly what you want to do and feel you can do, please, by all means, bake! Pretty please! I will continue to make a few items with kamut flour and spelt as well, however, these will not make up the bulk of what we bake at Indulge. We hope to welcome the truly gluten-free bakers out there with open arms!

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  1. Well said my friend!!!!

  2. Thanks Jill!

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