Clark Fork River Market June 27

It’s a beautiful morning in River City and we have treats! Getting ready to go set up our table at the River Market and just waiting for the scones to come out of the oven. Needless to say, the bakery smells amazing! We’ll be bringing the scones (cream, apple & sharp cheddar and blueberry cinnamon), but there is a kicker to the blueberry scones. Most people around the world don’t realize that they have never actually tasted cinnamon. True cinnamon comes from one place: Sri Lanka and is lighter in color and more delicate yet still more sharp in flavor than it’s cousin that we are far more familiar with. Our FSA rep managed to get us a sample of true Sri Lankan cinnamon to try in our baking and see if we like it. Yesterday, Stephane and I had a taste test with the two cinnamons side by side. The difference was pronounced! I decided this morning to try a little in our blueberry scones to see how it would bake up – it even smells as good as it’d tasted yesterday! I’ll have to do a “quality control” taste test of the baked product this morning and see if it’s as good as we’ve heard! We’ll also be bringing plenty of cupcakes (white corn with a whipped maple frost and a little bacon…just trust me, it’s a delicious surprise! Also joining us at the cupcake table are tiramisu and chocolate chai spice with chai spice buttercream)
I’ve also managed to get my hands on a couple of Stephane’s cheesecake swirl brownies and pizzelles which are light, crispy waffle cookies. Baci di dama are a given by now and biscotti (white chocolate macadamia nut, anise, vanilla bean and blueberry vanilla bean), cinnamon blueberry muffins and Russian tea cakes.
Come to the market and try our goodies and that of the other vendors! There is a marathon today, I believe, so it’s going to be crazy downtown but well worth the visit!

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