Cake days

We’ve been making birthday cupcakes and cakes – while we can do cakes, it’s cupcakes that drive us! I’ll try to post pictures of the cakes we’re doing in the next day or two. A lovely red velvet went out today and a 3 tier fondant bit of fun will go out tomorrow afternoon! Very exciting and truly, it’s interesting to work with fondant again after so long.
With the 4th of July coming up, I’m planning to bring a lot of goodies to the Clark Fork Market and for those who can’t make it, we’ll have plenty on hand at the shop. Any requests?
(before it’s brought up…there will be bacon!)
Thanks so much for all the visits to our humble blog – it’s really been the adventure of trying to get a business started here – what it’s entailed and how long it can take! Still, it’s been worth every bit of work put into this little mom and pop neighborhood bakery – we truly want this to be a place where the neighbors can come together and try things that draw them – things they’ve tried before and perhaps one or two they’ve never considered trying before! I’m hoping we can get some small tables and chairs set up outside as well for people to enjoy the summer sunshine with their treats!
Again, thank you for joining us on this journey – we invite you to come on in and pick your bliss! Will it be cheesecake swirled brownies or perhaps a tiramisu cupcake? Apple cheddar scone or a pizzelle?

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