Cakes and weddings and Ralph, oh my!

I love making cupcakes. I admit it. Though I do make cakes and have fun decorating them, it’s cupcakes that curl my toes. We have some wedding and birthday cakes coming up and a few other opportunities for me to get creative with cupcakes.
Stephane picked up some small tables and chairs for out in front of the bakery today (hurrah!) and we’ve ordered a couple of umbrellas to protect our customers from the Montana elements which should arrive sooner rather than later we hope. Our other hope is that these umbrellas will help catch the eye of passers by who would not have noticed before that there was anything tucked in our little corner of the building. Perhaps they will find themselves inspired to go exploring and try something new!
I’m also considering a bake-sale in the parking lot. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the word out that we’re open! Any other ideas/thoughts?
Oh, also, I will be posting a photo shortly of Stephane today inside the mechanical workings of Ralph (aka: the Beast, aka the really rather large oven) he’s been inside a few times now and I’ve finally got a photo of him inside where you can see his face!
Please do come on over to Indulge Bakery! 700 SW Higgins, we’re on the east side of the building around the corner from Bamboo Chopstix (and have a great meal there, first!) we’re facing Mt’s Sentinel and Jumbo!
See you soon!

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