Where are we?

I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately that people are talking about Indulge! This is great! The one thing I’m hearing over and over is, “Well, we have heard about you, but couldn’t find you!” This makes sense as we’re a bit tucked into the corner spot on the side of a building. I’ve tried to find a simple way to describe where we are but perhaps the best way is to say we’re at 700 SW Higgins (in the same building as the Social Security office and the amazing fare at Bamboo Chopstix) we’re just around the corner from my new favorite Chinese restaurant (said Bamboo Chopstix) and we’re facing the “M”, a building of dental offices and the Silvertip Casino. We can also see the duck pond and all of the feathered and fuzzy creatures who call it home.
We’re also right next to the loading dock on this east side of the building, and painted the wall of that dock next to our door red, so look for that little red wall, it helps!

It’s also been suggested that we put a sign up in front of our place – we will be doing this just as soon as the awning is built! We’ve been told that the current awning will be taken down and re-built soon (in contractor-speak, there’s no telling what “soon” means) so as soon as that goes up, so will our other sign! I can’t wait for this to happen…because we haven’t had a sign aside from that on the little red wall, I’ve been parking in front of the bakery (our minivan has the bakery “sign” on both sides) so that our van can act as a sign of sorts.
On another note, we’d like to thank the ladies at Marketplace Media for holding such an informative workshop Tuesday! Linda and Mehgan know their stuff and I learned a lot from them!

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