Missoulian! Thanks, Betsy!

http://www.missoulian.com/news/local/article_fe5a2372-2754-11df-aa71-001cc4c03286.html <– we want to help others learn from what happens all-too-often here. Let's help Missoula both get and stay in business! If you know of a business trying to open their doors and can do anything to facilitate things for them, please, make that effort – if we can buy local as much as possible we enrich our own neighborhoods, our city, each other. We bring in jobs, we bring creativity and excitement and the entrepreneurial spirit!
Yes, it's been frustrating on so many levels it's impossible to count anymore trying to get this bakery open – just look at the first date of this blog and how little was done even by then (we were supposed to move in and open December of last year, February at the VERY latest….we opened in June) and look at how much has happened since! We've worked our tails off here, but we're just one small family business….there are at least 30 others that were stuck in that bottleneck in Helena discussed in the article. That snapped me into this fervor of wanting to put a stop to this – to affect some positive change and help the powers that be find ways to ease the process! It's not as if there's a packet you can get that says, "OK, this is everything you're going to need…all of the forms, applications, here's a list of the signatures you'll need and approvals, etc." Yes, it would be daunting, but it would be far, FAR less daunting than facing the unknown without any kind of guide! I really do credit our local (well, County) Health Department Sanitarian for helping us get open, helping us work out what we'd need for various things. She has been an absolute joy to work with and we have nothing but stellar things to say about the Health Department (I know, shocking, isn't it? Well, since when did we follow "The norm"?)
If you want to help, or are working on starting a small business, please, write your Representatives, Senators, call your local policy makers and raise your voices! Let's keep Missoula working!
(I'll get off my soapbox now, shall I?)

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