There’s just something to be said for butter…

Yesterday I returned to the bakery from making deliveries to the amazing smell of melted butter, cinnamon & spice and a myriad of other baked goods, but above all….the butter! This is the stuff I love to bake with the most. More than love, really, this is bordering on obsession. Please, don’t bother to hold an intervention.
I’ve been asked a few times if we use shortening in the bakery and to this I say rarely – but butter? Throughout the day! Speaking of butter, I think I’ll go whip out a few pounds of the magnificent stuff and see what they inspire me to make!

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New goodies…

We try to add new treats to our menu from time to time and lately we’ve been getting creative with puff pastry. We make our puff pastry from scratch and roll it out by hand and that is just the canvas we start with! For the art…well….fillings = art, really, so the huckleberry bavarian cream vol-au-vents or the apple, huckleberry or pear turnovers…or the pain au chocolat (we do ours in puff pastry just to be a little different). We’ve also added some new fillings for our croissants on the savory end of things. We’d had sauteed chantrelles & swiss, but lately have been filling our croissants with a Genoa salame, mozzarella & Tuscan herbs – a new favorite for me! Just yesterday we added spinach & feta with pine nuts. which may easily be a tie for favorite!
I will say this…I’m enjoying the novelty of always adding new things to our menu – we’re never bored and our tastebuds grateful!

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Meet with Lynn Fred

Yesterday we gave Lynn Fred the check for the Jadyn Fred Foundation’s portion of the proceeds for March’s Cupcakes for Charity:
Cupcakes for Charity Jadyn Fred

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Thanks, Missoula! Cupcakes for Charity for March is done

What an amazing month! Missoulians came together and indulged in red velvet cupcakes all month long and as a result had some pretty fantastic cupcake karma! The Jadyn Fred Foundation has received their part of the proceeds of the cupcakes, and we are thrilled to help this incredible group continue to help children in need. SO huge thanks to Missoula for stepping up and supporting the Jadyn Fred Foundation.
This is something we’ll be doing four times a year.
What a brilliant town we live in, doing so much to help each other…heartening!

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Cake fun!

I love it when cakes get fun. We did a little red velvet number for the local Wintergreens auction – here’s hoping it sold well! The same day, we had a lovely birthday cake – based on a Frida Kahlo painting “The Dream”. In the painting, Frida is bed-ridden laying under a yellow blanket covered in tree limbs & leaves and the bed is floating in a cloudy blue sky.
Here’s our Frida cake:

Frida cake

Frida cake

The sugar skulls are based on the Mexican tradition and Frida’s own paintings of them. More fun cakes to come soon!

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Women’s Fair 2010

We had an amazing time at the Women’s Fair yesterday at the UC Ballroom! Thank you Marketplace Media for putting this event on. Loved meeting so many people and seeing old friends as well – what a treat! The bellydancer was mind-blowing to watch and the man playing acoustic blues & singing that had the vendors coming out with comments ranging from “Phenomenal” to simply “whoa…..”. We brought baci di dama (Lady kisses, I thought it’d be fitting for a women’s fair) and marzipan moon faces dusted with cocoa and edible gold dust and also our sucre a la creme – this is a French Canadian maple toffee confection that is simply divine.
We at long last received our wholesale license on Friday, so very soon you may be seeing our goodies around town!
Looking forward to it!

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Missoulian! Thanks, Betsy! <– we want to help others learn from what happens all-too-often here. Let's help Missoula both get and stay in business! If you know of a business trying to open their doors and can do anything to facilitate things for them, please, make that effort – if we can buy local as much as possible we enrich our own neighborhoods, our city, each other. We bring in jobs, we bring creativity and excitement and the entrepreneurial spirit!
Yes, it's been frustrating on so many levels it's impossible to count anymore trying to get this bakery open – just look at the first date of this blog and how little was done even by then (we were supposed to move in and open December of last year, February at the VERY latest….we opened in June) and look at how much has happened since! We've worked our tails off here, but we're just one small family business….there are at least 30 others that were stuck in that bottleneck in Helena discussed in the article. That snapped me into this fervor of wanting to put a stop to this – to affect some positive change and help the powers that be find ways to ease the process! It's not as if there's a packet you can get that says, "OK, this is everything you're going to need…all of the forms, applications, here's a list of the signatures you'll need and approvals, etc." Yes, it would be daunting, but it would be far, FAR less daunting than facing the unknown without any kind of guide! I really do credit our local (well, County) Health Department Sanitarian for helping us get open, helping us work out what we'd need for various things. She has been an absolute joy to work with and we have nothing but stellar things to say about the Health Department (I know, shocking, isn't it? Well, since when did we follow "The norm"?)
If you want to help, or are working on starting a small business, please, write your Representatives, Senators, call your local policy makers and raise your voices! Let's keep Missoula working!
(I'll get off my soapbox now, shall I?)

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Cupcakes for Charity – Jadyn Fred Foundation

Our latest Cupcakes for Charity event is underway – red velvet is a beautiful thing, and it’s lovely to see so many people enjoying it for such a good cause! The Jadyn Fred Foundation ( is an amazing group founded after a heart-breaking loss. To turn the loss of a beloved little girl into a Foundation that has helped hundreds of Montana kids get to their cancer treatments is mind-boggling to me. I’d approached the folks at the radio station Trail 103.3 about helping us with promoting this event and they immediately stepped up to the plate, having an owner (Montana owned station!) who lost a son but was helped by this Foundation in getting him to the treatment he’d needed. This is a charity close to this station’s heart, and that’s a big heart, let me tell you! I’ve been feeding them cupcakes and having the radio on at the bakery while the cupcakes sell out day after day – they’re ready daily by noon and though they are incredibly decadent, what you have is velvety bliss topped with cream cheese frosting and a warm feeling in your heart because you’ve eaten this little bit of heaven and gave back a bit, too, in the process.

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Thank you, Trail 103.3!

We had quite a day today! One of the local radio stations, Trail 103.3 came in to do their “Hot Spot” feature – dropping in with prizes for listeners, they had to come in to pick their prize which was a lot of fun. Now, folks, this is the only station I listen to in the early AM in the bakery – lots of great long songs (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, hysterically funny reminders to not eat yellow snow by Frank Zappa and much more to include my latest favorite song by Galactic) They gave away ski passes, music, coffee (!) and all sorts of goodies!
Their visit today really made our day! What fun, they can come in any time they want!

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Coming up with…

some fun ideas for the upcoming Woman’s Fair on the 6th March! Really looking forward to this! FUN! We loved this event last year, just wait and see what we bring to the table this year!

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